Historically known as a small fishing village, Calabash, NC has grown into what some call the seafood capital of the world. Calabash comes to life the moment you enter its quaint streets filled with fish markets and seafood restaurants. The first coastal town you will come across entering North Carolina from the South, Calabash invites you to discover its gorgeous sunsets on the beach and excellent seafood.


Calabash Golf Courses

A comprehensive list of golf courses in the Calabash, North Carolina, including courses in neighboring cities.

Callahan’s Gift Shop

Calabash, North Carolina is famous for its seafood. But for many people who visit Myrtle Beach and for residents of the area, the town is just as famous for Callahan’s of Calabash, the sprawling gift shop that has occupied the same prominent corner in the heart of Calabash for more than 30 years.

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The Town of Calabash


Population as of 2012: 2,038
Average household income as of 2011: $28,438
Average house or condo value in 2011: $137,361

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Calabash Medical Center